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Finding CPR Training in Waco is not always easy

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

by Michael Ruiz, EMT-P

It seemed like there were no options.

When I tried to find AHA CPR classes in Waco, I was stumped. I absolutely could not find a website or business that taught CPR.

Why I started Kickstart CPR Training.

I started Kickstart CPR Training to help people find CPR classes in Waco. I wanted people to be able to have a seamless experience. I wanted people to learn more about our CPR Instructors and feel comfortable being taught by them.

Now I am doing what I love, with people I love

I love working with our other instructors to help provide great CPR training in Waco. We also wanted to make it even easier for people to learn, so we started mobile training! This allows us to travel to cities in Texas and teach CPR. We love to teach, and we love knowing we are doing great work!

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