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EMT Training

We have partnered with Advanced Rescue Education Solutions to provide EMT Training to the Waco area! 

  •  Full Course Cost: $2,000

  • Hybrid schedule for flexible training

  •  Eligible to sit for National Registry

  •  192 hours of overall training

  •  Applicant must be at least 18 years of age

  •  Discounted subscription to

  •  Virtual Lecture

  • In-Person didactic training

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Payment Plans Available! 

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Next Class starts July 15th! 

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Structured Class

Start in our LIVE virtual classroom where you’ll interact with your instructors and fellow students in real-time as you engage in your emergency medical technician didactic education. All the supporting materials you’ll need will be preloaded into your course management system before the first class.

The course curriculum covers anatomy, physiology, patient assessment survey and triage, bleeding control, treatment of shock, oxygen therapy, and more.

Unable to be at your computer during a live lecture? Don’t worry! Not only is our system accessible from your smartphone or tablet, but every class is recorded and archived, so you can get attendance credit when you watch the class in full within three days of the original lecture. And, if you need extra help with a topic, it’s always there for your review.

At pre-scheduled points during the didactic lectures, students will come to the Kickstart Office for skills training and testing. You will be trained to handle a multitude of real-world situations through extensive hands-on training and instruction in our simulation labs. At the same time that each skills training happens, students will be able to complete one of their required field internships at their local ambulance company.

After all training and field internships have been completed, students will then be eligible to take the NREMT psychomotor and written exam in their home state.

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EMT Training (1).jpg
EMT Training (1).jpg

Self Paced 

The self paced program allows for students to finish the training at their own pace. This program also meets all of the same requirements that the structured program holds.

The self paced program will have the same start date as the structured program, but will allow for more flexible training. 

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